Order Boox Samples

Booxes come in a variety of "standard" shapes and sizes for shipping all sorts of products. Minimum order quantity for each size is 100 units, but we often make exceptions for small businesses and nice people 😁

We also make custom Booxes (can customize both dimensions and color) with a minimum commitment of 2,500 units, which can be spread across 6 months. 

We highly recommend ordering samples to get a feel for Boox in person and to ensure your products fit comfortably. We love to see our partners using the smallest boox they can for each shipment, to minimize the impact of every order. 😘 🌎

Once you submit an order for Boox Samples, we'll pack 'em up, ship 'em out, then follow up with a few questions to help get you started shipping with Boox.