We're on a mission to end single-use waste.

Our services help online retailers reduce impact through the power of Reuse.
We provide millions of reusable shippers to e-commerce brands in the US, UK and Canada, helping them eliminate waste, save money, and delight customers.

Your customers (and the planet) will thank you!

Boox brings circularity to e-commerce

When a consumer places an order, ship it in a reusable Boox Box.

Using our simple mobile interface – launched from a QR code inside every box – we enable your customer to return the box to us, so it can be refurbished & re-used, with the goal of diverting all packaging from landfills.

ship with boox

Stop sending your customers trash.

We make you look good.

🍰 Simplify Fulfillment, save time & money.

Boox Baags

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$0.40 - 1.40 per Shipment


Celebrate 🙌 Sustainability.

Your customers will love you for using Boox. 😍

And they'll tell their mom, their friends, and their followers. Give your fans something sustainable to shout about!