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Boox Box FAQ

What is Boox?

Boox is the name of our company and the name of one of our products. We are on a mission to eliminate single-use waste by making it easier for you and your customers to participate in an earth-friendly Circular Economy. We provide reusable, zero-waste alternatives to single-use shippers.

Why is reuse good for the environment?

Great question! Choosing reusable products significantly reduces the use of raw materials, energy, processing, transportation, and landfill waste created by single-use products. The fancy term for this is Circular Economy. A recent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) proved that using Boox Boxes reduces environmental impact by 70% at scale.

How does a Boox partnership work?

Boox’s services include our proprietary reusable shippers combined with recovery and refurbishing.

  1. Boox supplies reusable shippers to your fulfillment center based on volume of monthly shipments.
  2. You pack and ship your products as you normally would in our reusable shippers.
  3. Customers receive the Boox and are guided through the return process via our digital scan experience to one of thousands of return places.
  4. Once returned to Boox, we process each Boox shipper for reuse or recycling. Undamaged Booxes are stored, refurbished, and sent back into circulation. Booxes that have reached their end of life are responsibly recycled into a raw material that can be used to make more Booxes.

How do I partner with Boox?

Interested in shipping with Boox? We are happy to help you get started. If you plan to ship less than 1k shipments a month, we can serve you right away from our website. If you ship over that amount, you can fill out this short questionnaire and one of our friendly Boox team members will respond promptly.

How do customers return a Boox?

Booxes may be returned via our network of Return Places throughout the U.S. There’s no rush to return a Boox, as we encourage people to drop them off at one of thousands of conveniently located return places, on a trip they’re already taking. The Boox then comes back to us for refurbishing.

How many times can a Boox shipper be reused?

Every Boox’s journey is unique, so the amount of wear to each one will vary. Generally, Booxes can be reused 10+ times before reaching “end of life” and being recycled. Booxes are made from a mono-material, so they can be turned back into the same high quality material suitable for making more Booxes.

Does Boox offer different sizes and colors?

Yes! Boox offers a variety of standard sizes and colors. We also offer custom sizes and colors as part of an annual contract. More about that below!

When should I expect to receive my online order?

Your order will arrive in 10-14 business days.

Does Boox offer custom sizing and or colors?

Yes, we have a suite of custom capabilities such as the Boox material color, printed graphics, and size. We can create a beautifully branded Boox Box that showcases your commitment to sustainability. Given the manufacturing and R&D needed to create your unique shipper, we require a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 1k units/month plus an annual contract. Connect with our partnership team here to learn more!

Are you able to brand a Boox?

Custom printing is available with a MOQ of 1K a month plus an annual contract. For orders under this amount and purchased via our website, we encourage the use of your own branded exterior stickers. To be as eco-friendly as possible, we suggest brands use “BOPP” stickers. These stickers are durable, waterproof, and recyclable.

Do Booxes require shipping tape?

No! Boox Boxes are carefully designed to eliminate the need for single-use packing tape to secure the shipment, increasing efficiency at the point of pack out while offering a more sustainable solution. We recommend you adhere your shipping label to the front side and bottom connection point to secure your shipment and act as a tamper-proof seal (see placement below).

What is a Boox made of?

Boox is made of lightweight corrugated polypropylene. This is an extremely durable, waterproof, tear proof, thermoplastic that can be reused many times, and efficiently recycled back into the same material.

What countries do you service?

Boox is currently available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We’ll be expanding to more countries soon. Help us launch in your country!