How Boox Works

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Zero Waste Shipping

Boox integrates seamlessly with your existing fulfillment operations, whether you're sending 100 packages from your garage, or 1M+ from a 3PL. Our DTC boxes and bags are 100% Reusable™, meaning no more wasteful, single-use packaging for your customers to deal with.

Even better, we ship packs of Boox boxes to your fulfillment team in reusable containers, too — Zero Waste from start to finish.

Your customers will love it, and so will the planet. 🌎

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Simpler Fulfillment 🍰

Boox boxes come in a variety of standard colors and sizes. Booxes are distributed in Packs of 100 units, and can be palletized in qty of 2,500 - 5,000 depending on your required box size(s).

Boox boxes arrive flat-packed, then pop up in seconds using our patented design. Booxes require no packaging tape to construct or seal, saving valuable time during fulfillment and eliminating one more piece of single-use trash in the process.

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Protect your Products ☔️

Industrial strength velcro keeps your products in, and the elements out. ️Booxes are made of super durable, corrugated polypropylene — a water-proof, tear-proof, and easy-to-recycle material, ideal for reusable packaging.

Because they are reusable for many shipments, Boox boxes work great for merchandise returns and exchanges. Reduce expenses related to product damage both during outbound shipments and during the merchandise return flow.

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Un-box the Unboxing Experience

Every Boox box features a unique QR code that leads to an engaging scan experience.

Your customers hate breaking down single-use cardboard boxes. They’ll love the sustainable message you send by shipping with Boox.

Customer 💙 = longterm brand loyalty.

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Consumer-Powered Returns 🔄

After the first shipment, Boox boxes are returned to us for refurbishing, so they can be used for dozens more shipments by our brand partners. We take care of this step so you don’t have to worry about recovering or cleaning used Booxes!

The QR code inside every Boox box directs consumers to an engaging digital experience, showing the greenest way to return their Boox. Our network of 6,000+ Return Places makes it convenient to return, and many offer exclusive rewards for in-store shopping, boosting the incentive to reduce waste.


Re-commerce, Powered by Boox

Boox enables your brand to engage in the fastest growing sector of e-commerce, Re-commerce!

✅ Own your Resale program
✅ Expand your target demos
✅ Win your competitor’s customers
✅ Let Boox do the heavy lifting 🏋️

Using our simple mobile-interface, launched from inside every Boox box, we activate an end-to-end “Take Back” program that will give your consumers one more reason to love your brand.

Ready to try Boox for your business?