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Hi! 👋 Matt here, Co-founder & CEO of Boox. I hope you visited our site because you're interested in improving your environmental impact—either as a consumer or as a business—by reducing waste. Though it's going to take an enormous global effort to curb climate change, it only takes a small individual step to get started. Boox exists to help you get started!

Collectively, we can make real change happen. We have to.

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Our Mission

Boox is on a mission to eliminate waste. We provide reusable alternatives to single-use products, and are building a returns network to help circulate reusables around the globe 🌍 for use (and reuse) by everyone. 

We're starting our journey by replacing the cardboard box with a lovable, reusable alternative, called a "boox"! Now when you buy something online, it can come in a reusable boox, instead of a single-use piece of trash. 

As a B Corp, it's in our charter as a company to make decisions that are good for the planet and for humans, in addition to being good for business. That's why we'll always be transparent about our environmental impact, and will focus on measuring our progress and sharing it publicly, to keep us and our stakeholders accountable for all the right reasons. We're just getting started. 🌈

How it works
Boox supplies e-commerce retailers with booxes, based on shipping volume and product sizing. When you ship your products in a boox, customers are instructed to return the boox in the outgoing mail, or by dropping off their boox at a local Return Place (available in select cities, for now) or by scheduling a home pickup of multiple booxes (coming soon!). 

Boox bills brand clients a service fee ranging from $1.50 - $2.75 per shipment. This fee covers all costs associated with returns, including the return label for mailbacks. If booxes get dropped off at return places, your customers earn rewards from local businesses, or special gifts from Boox partner brands, to incentivize them to return their booxes! As we grow, Return Places will start popping up all over the country 🇺🇸 and, eventually, all over the world. 🇨🇦🇦🇷🇪🇷🇸🇪🇳🇫🇵🇬🇦🇶

There's no rush to return a boox, so we encourage people to drop them off 🚲 on a trip they're already taking. This is our way of making sure Boox is minimizing environmental impact, and keeping the service as convenient as possible. 

Once a bunch of booxes are returned, we collect them, refurbish them, sanitize them, and get them back to our partners so they can be used over and over again. To minimize impact, we distribute booxes back to our brand partners as locally as possible—we'll always try to ship an empty Boox the shortest distance we can. 

Circular economy 🔄
Booxes can be reused 20+ times before reaching "end of life" and being recycled. That means that for every boox made, we can not make 19+ cardboard boxes, because a single boox can carry the equivalent of 20+ shipments in cardboard throughout its life. The concept of reuse significantly reduces the use of raw materials, energy, processing, transportation, and landfill waste created by single-use products, but it requires participation at every stage of a product's lifecycle. Boox's approach to embrace circular economy is to align incentives all along the circular path of reuse. 

Reuse is thought of as "circular" because once the raw materials are processed, the end product is used over and over by the same person, or others in the community. As long as we can keep the product in the network and take care of it, it never goes to the landfill.  

This is a great graphic from our friends at Boyish Jeans that sums the whole thing up and explains how Boox works, too:

Boyish Jeans circular economy graphic

Our friends over at ATHR Beauty just created this great blog post to help explain the benefits of reuse as well!

Consumer-powered recovery

As direct-to-consumer e-commerce has exploded, our existing infrastructure can't keep up with the amount of stuff being sent straight to our homes. Bins are stuffed full and landfills are filling up.  On top of that, its annoying! 📦📦😡📦📦 Breaking down cardboard boxes is no way to spend your Sunday afternoon.

Instead of stuffing bins with more cardboard, Boox users drop their booxes in the outgoing mail 📬, or at a local return place, or schedule a pickup. No trash in the bin, no landfill, no need to blend a bunch of cardboard boxes into paper paste just to make more boxes. 

What's at stake
This year, more than 200,000,000,000 cardboard boxes will be shipped around the world. One Billion trees 🌲🌲🌲 were chopped down to make that cardboard, and the cardboard boxes were used just once, to carry a product from a store to your home. 

We can do better.
Boox is better. 🌈

If you're a brand looking to stop sending your customers trash, let's get started!

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