Boox Box Sample Pack

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This sample pack includes several of our most popular boox boxes sizes and colors.

If you have specific package dimensions you're looking for, pls indicate LxWxH in the notes on your order. We have a wide variety of "standard" sizes available, and will do our best to include samples similar to your current sizes.  

Boox boxes are perfect for a wide variety of products like beauty/cosmetics, apparel, shoes, denim, homewares, etc. and can replace most cardboard boxes for small or medium sized items.

Boox boxes are not the best choice for shipping surf boards, golf clubs, or extension ladders... but we're working on it 😉

Booxes are made of durable polypropylene that can be used over and over again. The material is lightweight, waterproof, tear-proof and washable, and will protect your product from the elements.

Best of all, once each Boox box has lived a full life, it will be efficiently recycled back into another boox. 🔄