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Boox Bag

Zero Waste E-Commerce Shipper

A beautiful tree about to be cut down to make boxes.

Stop sending your customers trash!

When you ship your products in a single-use mailer, it creates landfill waste after just one trip.

Shipping with a Boox Bag helps protect our planet. Our reusable bags are designed to be used for many shipments, significantly reducing landfill waste. 🔄

This is a billboard.

Packaging is more than a container. Its a way to amplify your brand!

For e-com brands, the mailer is your first opportunity to share your brand voice IRL. Create a beautiful, on-brand experience with custom colors and graphics, so you send the right message with every shipment.

Easy to (Re)Use.

Put the Boox Bag in your outbound mail right from home (or a USPS mailbox). It will make its way back to us to be reused.

Your customers will love returning the Boox Bag instead of filling up their trash bins, and we'll help you turn reuse into an engagement opportunity!

We close the loop.

You pack and ship as usual, Boox handles the rest. We recover the bags from your customers, and extend their life in a turnkey, zero-waste, closed loop system.

Starting at $0.13 / shipment.

Differentiate your brand, delight your customers, and help save the planet, all for the same price as single-use mailers.