Declutter/Recommerce FAQ 🙋🏽‍♀️

When will I get paid?
You will be paid as soon as our authentication team has checked the quality of your items and confirmed that they meet our quality and conditions. This will normally take 5-7 business days from receipt of the items. 

How will I be paid? 
Payment will be processed using PayPal. If you have an existing PayPal account, please make sure to use that same email address. 

How much will my earnings be?
Our team will evaluate your items based on brand, condition, and market value, and email you your Payout Total. Your Payout Total will be based on the value of your items after the cost of shipping and handling.  

What happens if my items do not meet the quality standard? 
If your Payout Total is $0, we will make sure that the items are recycled responsibly. If you choose not to accept your Payout Total, you may request that we return the item(s) to you for the cost of shipping and handling.

I have items that you don't accept, can I send them in?
If you don’t see a category that matched your item, we can’t accept these items at this time. However, please click here to tell us what you want to send in! We may be able to add that category in the future.

I want to send items from multiple categories! 
You’re welcome to send items from as many different approved categories as you like (with a weight limit of up to 30lbs total). To support sustainability, please try to consolidate your items into as few packages as possible, while taking care to properly pack and protect breakables. 

I have another question!!
Great! We are always here to help, please click here and drop us a line.